The following is very important for
studying Spanish and mastering any language:

Each time you open your set of 15 English/Spanish translated phrases and you decide to study, I recommend you do the following to make your language learning more productive:

  1. Switch your mind to its highest level of alertness and study fast! This is highly recommended because the more you set your mind on studying fast, the more alert, focused and concentrated you will be and the more you will sharpen your memory, the key to learning any language.
  2. Memorize by association. The Spanish word for “rice” is “arroz” (pronounced “arroth”). Imagine “arrows” landing in your plate of “rice”.
  3. Repeat the pronunciation of phrases and words. Repeat them aloud and frequently until you’re comfortable saying them.
  4. Practice, practice and practice and try to absorb and understand as much as you can. Read Spanish language books, magazines and newspapers out loud. Try going to a Spanish or Mexican restaurant and give your order to the waiter in Spanish.  Tell him/her only to speak to you in Spanish during your visit at the restaurant.
  5. Watch television in the language you’re studying…in this case watch the news, movies/films, programmes, in Spanish.
  6. Listen to music in Spanish and try to follow and understand the lyrics while you sing.
  7. Study out loud. It is vital to study out loud when possible since language has to be verbally expressed.  Don’t feel embarrassed or shy.  The more you pronounce the Spanish words and phrases aloud the sooner you’ll become familiar and confident with the language. You’ll easily express yourself better.
  8. Absorb and memorise a few Spanish words each day. Write them down 5 times, learn their meaning and use them frequently.
  9. Create your own phrases using words you like and are comfortable with.

Here are other practical tips to help you study:

  1. Make sure you have a good study place. It is important to have uninterrupted study time. You may have to hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door or take the phone off the hook.
  2. Study in a quiet environment. If you find that playing a stereo or TV improves your mood, keep the volume low.
  3. Use a desk or table that is large enough to hold everything you need.  Allow enough room for writing and try to avoid clutter.
  4. Select a chair in which you can sit for long periods while maintaining your attention.  A chair that is not comfortable can cause discomfort or pain and will interfere with your studying. A chair that is too comfortable might make you sleepy.
  5. Make sure you have good lighting. The amount of light you need depends on what you are doing.  It’s important to clearly see what you need to see without any strain or discomfort.
  6. Select a temperature at which your mind and body function best.  If your study place is too warm, you might become sleepy.  If it’s too cold, your thinking may slow down and become unclear.

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